Sixteen Pieces Exhibition at the DuSable Museum


Sixteen Pieces Exhibition at the DuSable Museum

Sixteen Pieces is an exhibition of visual art based on the sacred literature of the Yoruba. There are seventeen paintings in the collection with artists from Nigeria, Ghana, Brazil, Cuba, Trinidad, the United States and the United Kingdom representing the Yoruba Diaspora. These artists were chosen by the Yoruba divination system to interpret verses from the ancient wisdom system of Ifa. Taken together, these works gives insight into the Yoruba worldview of life, death, transformation and rebirth. Each painting interprets a specific body of literature that deals with the human experience as seen by the Yoruba.

The concept for ‘Sixteen Pieces” originated with Babalawo Olalekan Babalola, of the Yoruba Arts Foundation in the U.K.  His idea was to have different artist interpret in a visual form, the main verses from the sacred Yoruba literature, Odu Ifa.  The work of these artists from the African Diaspora and their willingness to explore an ancient heritage makes this exhibition possible. The exhibition also features artifacts and sacred art objects used by the Yoruba in the divination process.  These objects are from the private collections of Daniel Parker, Omo Oba Adedayo Laoye, Marilyn Houlberg, Nelson and Alice Scott, Patrick Saingbey Woodtor, African Treasure/Diarra Diaby and Oyekunle Oyegmebi.  The Dusable Museum in partnership with the Yoruba Arts Foundation presents this exhibit in the hope that we can contribute to a dialog that leads to a better understanding of our cultural heritage.

Opening Ceremony: 16 Pieces Part 1


Opening Ceremony: 16 Pieces Part 2


Sixteen Pieces: Scenes from Reception