Upcoming Events and Projects


“Songs of Icon” Concert featuring Lekan Babalola
Venue and date to be announced


Osara Shrine Improvement Cultural Exchange Project
Venue and date to be announced

The Osara shrine is an important cultural icon of Yoruba people in Nigeria. We are developing the Osara Shrine Improvement Project which will be in Ile Ife, Nigeria and serve as a template for cultural exchange between American, Nigerian artist and students. Participants will be engaged in an interdisciplinary approach to cultural exchange. Participants work collaboratively in group dynamic strategies with the community of the Olosara Compound of Ile Ife.  They will be engaged in activities such as mural painting, landscaping, creating communal green spaces, light structural renovations and site visits to historical, cultural and political landmarks.  This is collaboration between the Yoruba Arts Foundation and the commissioner of home affairs, culture and tourism in Osun State, Nigeria which will provide housing and in country transportation.


‘Voices’ – Humanities Summer Camp

Venue and dates to be announced

The camp is designed to expose 15 to 20 young people (ages 11-15) to the humanities and through game play and storytelling discover their place alongside others human beings in the making of history, art and literature. The camp would for four weeks and examine aspects of human nature, human behavior and human ideals. We will use oral and written literature, the visual arts, philosophy and music to explore what it means to be human. Examples of these creative forms will come from Yoruba, Chinese and Greek culture to show the commonality of human concerns.